Our History

In 1855, a covered wagon driven by Mr. Robert Collins crossed the Red River near the site of the present Willis Bridge. With him were his wife, Mrs. Loteowka Collins, and two sons, A. R. and Charles. Robert Collins was a missionary sent by the Methodist Episcopal Church to act as Superintendent of Education for the Cherokee and Choctaw Indians of Tishomingo, Oklahoma.

The Reverend Collins and his family were on a vacation trip into Texas looking for a place to live. They camped near a grove of trees where a winding spring of water flowed, near Toadsuck, Texas. After staking the land, he rode horseback to Sherman and bought 1,192 acres of the Charles Quillen survey.

The family returned to their missionary school and made plans to move the next year. However, Reverend Collins became quite ill, and they went back to their home in Michigan.

After his death, Mrs. Collins moved to their Texas land in the community of Toadsuck. By 1869, she had aquired a large amount of land, and she told the citizens of Toadsuck that she would donate the land for a new townsite on condition that they rename the town Collinsville. The citizens agreed to the arrangement.

In 1878, two lots were donated for the benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South by the Collins family. The first pastor assigned to the church in 1878 was the Reverend Ed Sullivan. Other pastors through 1917 included Jonathan W. Chalk, A. W. Worley, A. L. Scales, J. A. Olds, Rev. _?_ Strother, L. L. Barton, D. F. Fuller, E. R. Edwards, J. H. Griffin, Jonathan W. Moore, H. H. Liles, R. S. Kerr, N. C. Little, R. P. Buck, and W. E. Hamilton. This property is now owned by the school district, about 4 blocks east of the square.

The lots for the present church location were purchased in 1895. Trustees at that time were J. W. Thompson, A. M. Stroud, C. H. Copeland, and E. D. Hughes. The present church was built in 1917-1918. With the war still in progress, there was a debt owed of $3200 on the building, but a series of dedicated pastors led the way in clearing the debt by 1928. These pastors were Reverends E. L. Silliman, C. L. Satterfield, M. A. Stout, Frank Hughes, E. G. Hamilton, R. E. Parker, and Frank Wilkinson. The mortgage papers were burned at a service held on October 21, 1928.

Church membership grew rapidly in the first half of the century. The two current longest-time members joined in 1924 and 1931. An education building was constructed on the south side of the church in 1957.

Your prayers and your presence are always welcome here.